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Single Ladies Gift Guide

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     At 87 Treasures one of our goals is to promote the growth of healthy relationships through gift exchange. With Valentine's Day around the corner, what better time then now to share a gift guide. We wanted to dedicate this blog post to a group that is often forgotten during this time of year ... the single ladies! If you think that this is a pity gift guide for the single & lonely, think again. Contrary to popular belief, being single does not equal being lonely and pathetic. In fact being single is often times a choice made by someone who is confident and self aware about their feelings and worth. If you or someone you know fits this description then this Single Ladies Gift Guide is for you. February and love go hand in hand but love does not have to be restricted to the love of your significant other. The celebration of love includes self-love and love in relationships you have with your friends and family. Following with the theme of spreading love, we've created the ultimate gift guide to help you show your favorite single (or yourself) some love. So this one's for the ladies that's living single and loving it! After all February is National Singles Awareness Month! 


87 Treasures Single ladies gift guide 

#1  "Catch flights not feelings" crew neck t-shirt for: The single explorer!
#2  "Better late than ugly" multi-purpose bag for: The single that's always fashionably late and flawless!
#3 "Single & Savage" crew neck t-shirt for: The Badass single!
#4 "This shirt is made of girlfriend material" crew neck t-shirt for: The single that knows her worth!
#5 "Makeup Roll Call" make-up bag for: The single whose makeup is undefeated!
#6 "Goalgetter" crew neck t-shirt for: The ambitious single!
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